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Līvāni, Domes iela 1, LV-5316, Latvija
+371 65381855   +371 28603333
Neighbourhood at the Centre

The Dubna, by falling into the Daugava, forms a peninsula on which Livani Glass and Crafts Centre is situated. From this peninsula, you can observe not only the sun, sinking into the intersection of the two rivers in the evenings, but also a wonderful view of Livani St. Archangel Michael the Roman Catholic Church.
Crafts center is popular with newlyweds on their wedding day. They put their happiness locks on a Fertility symbol – an apple tree made in steel. And the outdoor ceramics kiln is used for pottery firing at least once a year.
A Napoleonic War cannon is mounted on the bank of the Daugava, as well as a stork has landed to rest its wings here. You have a unique opportunity to make a photo in the stand "Become a glassblower!", and rest your feet or hide from the rain in a bower.
Livani active tourism center / Tourist Information Centre (TIC) is located next to the Crafts Center. TIC provides information on tourist attractions, events and routes. By prior arrangement, it is possible to rent canoes and bikes. A special boathouse is installed in summer.

Active Tourism Centre / Tourist Information Center:
• Address: Domes iela 1b, Livani
• Contact: Tel: +371 65381856; +371 29157669, 
• Opening hours: Tuesday - Friday 8:00 to 17:00 (lunch break 12:00 to 13:00); Saturday 10:00 to 16:00; Saturday, Sunday - closed

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