Current events at Latgale Art and Craft Centre/ Livani Glass Museum!

Get to know Latgale crafts history and its evolution to the present day in the exposition "Artisans in Latgale during the 19th - 20th century" at Latgale Art and Craft Centre, find out what the unique Livani glass is at the exposition "Livani Glass Museum", view the water gallery in the vaulted cellar, and enjoy the modern art treasures in the Exhibition hall. Guided tour takes 40 minutes in each exhibition hall.

Guide service needs to be booked in advance by calling tel. +371 65381855, +371 28603333

Take part in creation of one of the environmental object – interesting benches in Livani city!

There are several interesting benches set up in Livani city. They are present to Livani city by local entrepreneurs. When you visit Latgale art and craft centre, bring your unnecessary keys and take part in creation of next benches!